Highland Canyon muzzle brakes provide the ultimate combination of recoil reduction, exhaust vectoring, and elimination of muzzle rise. All in a rugged device for virtually all calibers of firearms. Find your brake by using the configurator to the right.
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Apollo vs. Cronus

Not sure what model to get?  It’s a lot simpler than it seems.  Highland Canyon muzzle brakes are offered in two different model sizes; Apollo and Cronus.  The main difference between the two models is the size of the outer member of the brake, resulting in different sized baffles and vents.  The smaller Apollo offers a more compact profile for a cleaner look on smaller diameter barrels and is optimized for calibers with modest recoil, while the larger Cronus utilizes a bigger body for optimal performance on larger caliber rifles.  Although the Apollo features a smaller outer body, it is very capable of taming large calibers, like the .300 WM and is offered in both 1/2 – 28 and 5/8 – 24 thread sizes, while the Cronus is only available in 5/8 – 24.