Range Series Apollo Custom Raw 1/2 - 28, .223 caliber

SKU SS-APC-RAW-1228-223


  • 416R stainless steel components
  • Up to 64% recoil reduction
  • Up to 45% increase in accuracy
  • Eliminates muzzle rise
  • Unique baffle design minimizes ground disturbance
  • Full assembly: 4.55 oz


  • Max Outer Member Diameter: 0.985"
  • Length of Outer Member w/ Inner: 2.438"

Spanner Wrench:

  • 3/4" drive

The Range Series Apollo-C is premium brake designed specifically for performance applications. Constructed using 416R stainless steel components, our Range Series brakes are designed to withstand the harshest conditions while providing superior performance. The Apollo sized brake offers a compact profile for a cleaner look on smaller diameter barrels and is optimized for calibers with modest recoil while still capable of taming calibers like the .300 WM. Unlike our standard Apollo, the Apollo-C does NOT include a lock ring. This style of brake is intended to be an exact fit to the rifle of your choosing and must be installed by a qualified gunsmith. The barrel side of the brake excludes wrench flats, allowing your gunsmith to taper the outer body of the brake to match your barrel's profile.

Like all of our muzzle brakes, the Range Series Apollo-C utilizes Highland Canyon's patented two-piece design. The caliber-specific insert is equipped with radial baffles that redirect expanding gases towards the outer body vents. These vents have been machined at a rear, upward-facing angle to provide optimal recoil reduction and virtually eliminate muzzle rise. The exhaust pattern of our brake also results in minimal ground disturbance while shooting prone, meaning less dirt and debris obstructing your field of view.

Available in 1/2 - 28 or 5/8 - 24, the Range Series Apollo-C has the versatility to be used on a variety of firearms. Its unique construction and proven results make it a quick and easy way to enhance a shooter's comfort and accuracy. No matter your build, our Custom model brakes will deliver the performance and high-class appearance you are after.